What Is Shamanic Tantra?

Like traditional tantra, shamanic tantra is a path to enlightenment through the body, a spiritual practice that teaches us to be in the now and to open ourselves up to more bliss, joy, and connection to spirit by connecting our sexuality and our spirituality. Drawing from Wiccan, Druidic, and Shamanic roots, Shamanic tantra differs from traditional tantra in working extremely intuitively and in its strong connection to the earth. I have created the six gateways to sacred sexuality as an attempt to structure the work of shamanic tantra for teaching, but by its nature, shamanic tantra is fluid and guided through each person’s connection to the divine, and their sense of what is right for them.

What are the Six Gateways to Sacred Sexuality?

The journey to enlightenment can take many roads. The six gateways are a path that happens to be working for myself and my healing partner, Steven Jay. Together we have intuitively created this road map for discovering the bliss that is created when we connect spirituality to sexuality. This is a practice that can be used alone or with a partner. These steps are not necessarily practiced in order. In fact, they seem to interweave and spiral with each other, spirals being a geometric pattern often used to describe earth-centered spirituality, where linear motion from point a to point b is rare. A Short Definition of Sacred Sex- http://www.luckymojo.com/tktantradefinition.html

The First Gateway: Connecting to Spirit

This is where we begin in shamanic tantra, in a belief that something greater than us is willing and able to connect with us and bring us healing. This is also where we end in shamanic tantra, so that the six gateways become a spiraling circle of practice, rather than a linear journey. Through our connection to spirit, we learn to connect not only to the divine, but to ourselves, and to see that we too are divine beings. We do this mostly through meditation, visualization, and trance journey, familiarizing ourselves with the feeling of spirit moving within us before moving forward.

The Second Gateway: Breathing Love

In both traditional and shamanic tantra, love is the key to everything. Opening our hearts and keeping them open is a foundational practice. Understand that this is different from being “in love” in the romantic sense. An open heart applies to everyone you meet in the world, and is the most profound state of joy and bliss imaginable when attained. The most powerful tool I have discovered for opening the heart and then keeping it open, is the breath. Daily practice of various breath techniques, as well as simply remembering to breathe through a painful or difficult emotion, is the first step to opening ourselves to bliss and joy. In consort practice, we learn to breathe together, synchronizing breath in an attempt to synchronize our energies.

The Third Gateway: Soul Gazing

Soul gazing is the process of looking deeply within and connecting, first with ourselves, and then with a partner. This practice is most easily begun alone, through insight meditation and then through mirror gazing. Once you are comfortable with these solo practices, then it is easier to move into gazing into the eyes of a partner to connect and allow them to see the divine essence within you.

The Fourth Gateway: Channeling the Dragon

The sexual life force energy that flows through the body has many names, but my favorite comes from the gaelic: ”nwyvre”, which means “dragon fire”. In shamanic tantra we learn to channel this fire and to move it throughout our bodies to create a state of intense aliveness. Part of this work specifically focuses on balancing and clearing blockages in the energy centers of the body, also called chakras in traditional tantra, which brings a greater openness to moving ecstatic energies through the body, as well as increased health and vitality.